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Tom and Daria have dated, and I like happy endings. Therefore, Tom and Daria will get married.

Guy vs. Guy,

Daria's fantasy in "Lane Miserables"

A term drawn from fanfiction in general, often written as shipperfic or 'shipper, with the apostrophe. Short for "relationshipper," a shipper can be used to describe either romance-based stories or their authors and fans. Early in this fandom's history, the most common form of shipper was a match-up between Daria and Trent (a.k.a., Daria/Trent). In more recent years, the variety of relationship match-ups has expanded considerably, sometimes to absurdity.

Gay or lesbian shippers written about same-sex character pairs are called slash fiction or "slashfic," for the slash mark separating the names of the two lovers when referring to such tales. The term arose decades ago in Star Trek fanfic that posited a homosexual relationship between Captain Kirk and Science Officer Spock. Daria/Jane is probably the most common form of slash in Daria fandom. Further discussion of slash fanfic appears under that heading; the remainder of this article discusses only heterosexual match-ups.

Tired Daria Fandom Tropes contains a detailed overview on the history of and problems associated with writing any new Daria/Trent shipperfics, which many in fandom feel is a trend that has run its course. (See, however, OTP) Even the show's creators (see below) felt any realistic pairing of the two was not possible for long, if at all. Daria/Tom shipping is handicapped by the troubled circumstances under which the relationship began, though alternate-history and post-canon story writers have figured out ways around that. Daria/Ted shipping is intriguing in post-canon writing, though the Daria/Luhrman combination has been little explored, despite Glenn Eichler's interest in same.

Though Daria-based 'shippers tend to be the most common, they are certainly not the only source of pairings. Tom/Jane, Kevin/Brittany, Mack/Jodie (see Joma), Quinn/Three Js, Upchuck/Andrea and, of course, Jake/Helen are known couples from canon, and many stories explore those pairings. Other, less traditional pairings include Jane/Jesse, Stacy/Ted, and Stacy/Upchuck, to name only a few.

MTV website feature Guy vs. Guy lampoons fandom debates about shipping circa 2001.

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