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Skip (left) told off by Amelia

Skip Stevens appears in the episode "Camp Fear". He, like Daria and Quinn, is a former camper at Camp Grizzly and he really, really loves the camp and demands you love it too. He seems to be the same age as Daria.

He is the self-appointed "boss" of the camp, and is an annoyance to the camp's staff and the other children there. His overbearing and aggressive nature is turned on the other campers, both as kids and as teenagers, to force them into taking part and being enthusiastic; when Daria didn't bother taking part in the "watermelon game", he yanked her into the lake (causing her to lose her glasses). As Daria points out, he is the "self-appointed dictator of a non-existent empire" but nobody will dare stand up to him for fear of isolating themselves - though once Amelia does it, everyone else joins in and is happy somebody started it. Skip reacts with verbal aggression to sarcasm from Daria but it takes him a while to do this when Amelia stands up to him in a more blunt, personal way - and when his verbal attacks fail, he's got nothing to work with.

Skip's over-enthusiasm for Camp Grizzly and its bizarre activities is the defining feature of the character and, apparently, his very existence. When he's stood up to, he cries out to camp boss Mr. Potts to "make them stop! They're defiling the Grizzly name!". When Potts says it's just a summer camp and not important ("don't make it your whole life"), Skip bursts into tears and cries that he wants to go home.

Whereas Daria only went to Camp Grizzly once, Skip says he went for seven years. He won in every colour war he was part of.

Other than his time at summer camp, we know very little about him other than that he has a car and apparently lives near enough to Lawndale that Quinn could convince him to give her a drive home. Like other boys, he "shuts up for awhile" at Quinn's command. Skip also appeared to have not learned anything by the end of the episode.

Skip in fanfiction[edit]

Alternate universe remakes of "Camp Fear" will always have Skip. As in canon, he is always taken down.

The Joys of Being Skip Stevens by Shiva is a tiny vignette that explains why Skip is so obsessed with the camp.