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Though in competition with one another for Quinn's affections, and having come to blows in [[The Invitation]], the characters appear to share the same brain, and together are almost smart enough to be considered a single person of only marginally-below-average intelligence. They often appear to think as a collective, such as in [[Groped by an Angel]], when they manage to collectively arrive at the conclusion that Quinn's "guardian angel" is actually a human suitor who is "way too old for her." They also convince themselves, somehow, that [[Timothy O'Neill]], the "Language Arts" teacher, is Quinn's guardian angel.
"[[The Daria Database]]" took their obsession over the line and showed us their "Quinn Central Reconnaissance Room", where they keep a record of Quinn's routes to school, her class schedule, a black phone to report in Quinn sightings (mainly used by Jamie to send them to false locations), lovingly-preserved items Quinn borrowed (and broke), and a Red Phone set aside solely for Quinn to call. "It has yet to ring."
They were also on the school's football team along with [[Kevin Thompson]] and [[Mack Mackenzie]].
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