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'''Melody Powers''' is a fictional spy character developed by [[Daria Morgendorffer]] and included in stories featured in the episodes "[[Cafe Disaffecto]]" and "[[The Old and the Beautiful]]." The character's stories appear to be set during the Cold War, as she uses sex appeal and bloody brutality to fight Communists.
==Melody Powers in Fanfiction==
Having Daria write Melody Powers stories has become a staple in fanfiction writing. [[Galen Hardesty]] probably gave the best rendition with "[[Blood Oath of Patriots]]" and "[[Blood Oath of Patriots II: By Any Other Name]]." In [[Richard Lobinske]]'s [[Last Summer]] and [[Falling Into College]] stories, Daria published a total of four Melody Powers stories with an action pulp magazine called ''[[Literature in Action]].'' Daria has a Melody Powers story published in "[[Prayer for a SAINT]]" that causes unexpected problems.
Sometimes in fanfiction, Melody is written as a [[self-insertion]] or [[Mary Sue]] of Daria herself. Other times, Melody is writtenpresented as a trulyan independent character; she might even ''be'' Daria in disguise (e.g., "[[Alias: Melody Powers]]," by [[Kendra Steiner]]). In a few stories, Melody is a real person in the [[Dariaverse]] or is brought to life therein.
[[Image:MP2.jpg|thumb|right|Another concept of Melody by Richard Lobinske]]
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