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[[Image:MP1.jpg|thumb|left|Jane's version of Daria as Melody Powers, by Richard Lobinske.]]
'''Melody Powers''' is a fictional spy character developed by [[Daria Morgendorffer]] and included in stories featured in the episodes "[[Cafe Disaffecto]]" and "[[The Old and the Beautiful]]." The character's stories appear to be set during the Cold War, as she uses sex appeal and bloody brutality to fight Communists. What little we know of Daria's writing indicates that her Melody Powers stories are rather over-the-top with death and violence, almost parodying the genre of spy fiction. Daria displays no antagonism toward Communism or Russians, otherwise, leading one to wonder if Melody Powers is a sort of [metafic]].
[[Image:MP2.jpg|thumb|right|Another concept of Melody, by Richard Lobinske]]
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