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Having Daria write Melody Powers stories has become a staple in fanfiction writing. In [[Richard Lobinske]]'s [[Last Summer]] and [[Falling Into College]] stories, Daria published a total of four Melody Powers stories with an action pulp magazine called ''[[Literature in Action]].'' Daria has a Melody Powers story published in "[[Prayers for a SAINT]]" that causes unexpected problems. A few fanfics have Daria become the famed author of Melody Powers novels ("[[Of Lifestyle Choices and Definitions of Success]]," by [[Wyvern337]]), which might result in Daria attracting the most unusual fans ("[[It's a Wonderful Life, Not]]," by [[Thomas]]). The Melody Powers meme is so pervasive that Daria writes these stories in various [[alternate universes]] ([[John Lane series]], by [[Richard Lobinske]]), even when Daria is no longer Daria but Darren ("[[Café Ineffective]]," by [[Bacner]]).
A possible (hilarious) reason why Daria writes Melody Powers stories is offered in [[Thomas Mikkelsen]]'s "[[Sibling Rivalry]]." That Daria might be quite touchy about her Melody Powers works is considered in [[E. A. Smith]]'s "[[So Long As Men Can Breathe]]" and [[Renfield]]'s "[[Malice of Absence]]."
Fanfic writers occasionally try their hand at writing Melody Powers stories as they imagine Daria would do them. This has become an interesting sub-subgenre. [[Galen Hardesty]] probably gave the best rendition with "[[Blood Oath of Patriots]]" and "[[Blood Oath of Patriots II: By Any Other Name]]." [[Mystik Slacker]]'s "[[Melody Powers in 'Butcher, Baker, Cancer-stick Maker']]" and [[Wyvern337]]'s "[[Academic Imprisonment (Wyvern337 tale)|Academic Imprisonment]]" are also excellent, and [[Mahna Mahna]]'s "[[The Last Words Heard]]" has a perfectly wicked ending. Other tales in this vein worth reading include [[Bob Marley]]'s [[ficlet]], "[[Melody's End]]."
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