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God Save The Esteem: Difference between revisions

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* The idea of Tom and Elsie having an older brother named Angier Sloane II was inspired by getrealordie187's [http://www.thepaperpusher.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=29934&p=425714#p425714 Legacy] series.
* Website [[Subversion Is We]] from [[Canadibrit]]'s [[The Look Alike Series]] is mentioned in "Anarchy in the Lawn-D", as a rather crap website.
* Jim Vitale, a character originally from Scissors MacGillicutty's [[Where's Mary Sue When You Need Her?]] that became one of the most popular and most used antagonists in Daria fanfic, makes an appearance in "Anarchy in the Lawn-D", taking care of business as only he can.
* Helen and Jake's friends the Mackenzies were made into Mack's parents after several posters asked if that was who they were.
* "Slutty[[Jackie GirlWentworth]]" filled out The Maleficent Eleven numbers based on a suggestion by [[GlitterShrooms]].
* The background character [[Bob]] appeared thanks to Backgrounders and old The Angst Guy posts at [[Daria Fandom Blog]] indicating he could be a cool character.
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