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God Save The Esteem: Difference between revisions

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The series has [[Daria]] arriving in [[Lawndale]] in 2010 - as a result of the timeline change, [[Helen]] and [[Jake]] were not hippies but instead were part of the hardcore punk scene. In this timeline, they never stopped being punks and [[Quinn|"Killer" Quinn]] has been raised in their image - Daria, to their disappointment, dresses and acts mostly like she does on the show. They are, however, supportive of her sullen and questioning attitude, causing her to be more comfortable with herself and her family.
[[Brian Taylor]]'s fanfic [http://thepaperpusher.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=30075 [Moving Pictures]], which spun out of the same Iron Chef thread, takes place in the same "punkverse" as the Esteem series and tells the tale of a teenage [[Amy Barksdale|Amy]] and the Barksdales, right as their family started to disintegrate.
The series brought a lot of [[Backgrounder|backgrounders]] into fanfiction, giving them names, roles, and basic personalities that later fics would play off of.
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