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The DariaWiki has been through some rough times. A few years ago, contact was lost with the bureaucrat and most admins. [[Charles RB]], the admin who remained, had his access cut off for reasons unknown. The DariaWiki also lost a significant amount of content, including pages devoted to notable fan works and figures from the '10s.
Happily, the DariaWiki has moved to a new server, Miraheze. As of November 2020, work began on restoring as much of the DariaWiki as possible. [[WellTemperedClavier]] was able to become an admin, while [[Charles RB]] regained access by making a second account. [[Princess-Pasta]] uncovered a treasure trove of archived versions of Wiki pages via the Wayback Machine, making it possible to bring back some (though, alas, not all) of the lost info.
Work is ongoing to help fill in the missing gaps from the fandom's lost decade.
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