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'''God Save The Esteem''' is an [[alternate universe]] fanfic series by [[Charles RB]], spinning out of discussion in the [http://thepaperpusher.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=30056 Iron Chef: Modern Day Daria] thread. Add all 42 'episodes' and the Sideways In Time sub-series together, and you get a fic that's 259,000 words long (dear oh dear...).
Due to a ''massive'' amount of sweary language and risque gags, this is an 'R-rated' fic.
The series has [[Daria]] arriving in [[Lawndale]] in 2010 - as a result of the timeline change, [[Helen]] and [[Jake]] were not hippies but instead were part of the hardcore punk scene. In this timeline, they never stopped being punks and [[Quinn|"Killer" Quinn]] has been raised in their image - Daria, to their disappointment, dresses and acts mostly like she does on the show. They are, however, supportive of her sullen and questioning attitude, causing her to be more comfortable with herself and her family.
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