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Members of the community may make as many nominations per category as they choose. However, a maximum of five (ten until 2008) nominations per category will go forward to voting. Recommended works will go into the final list in order of the number of nominations that each work received during the nomination process. In the event of ties that would result in more than ten per category, the DFA staff will vote internally to decide the final entries. For written works, RLobinske (an author) will not be involved in the internal vote. For visual works, Quiverwing (an artist) will not be involved in the internal vote.
Self-nominations are not accepted. Incomplete works or works posted only bulletin boards will not be eligible. Author name and full title of story/art and a link to the posted work are required with nominations. For fanfiction series, members have to select a representative story of that series for each category, except in the Favorite Ongoing and New Series categories.
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