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Daria, however, is suspicious of Phelps. She suspects that he may be manipulating Quinn, and possibly other students, for reasons that she cannot determine. From "[[Charge of the Math Brigade]]" onward, she investigates his suspicious behavior, fearful that he might cause her sister harm. Her search yields little, until she receives an e-mail from a Fielding Prep administrator ("[[Into the Fire]]"), asking her to meet with him. There, [[Marshall Winsett]] reveals "rumors" that Phelps conducted criminal activity using student accomplices.
Daria tries to warn Quinn, who dismisses her concerns as jealousy. After "[[Memory Road]]," Quinn spends more time with Phelps, viewing him as a stable father figure while her own family falls apart. Phelps, himself, seems increasingly fond of her as a person, stating in "[[Tomorrow Never Knows]]": "I wouldn't call her my 'daughter,' per se, but I do feel as though she's a part of me." He gives her a large extra-curricular math project to do, claiming that it will help her excel in the Advanced Placement exam for college-level math.
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