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<b>Alfred Phelps</b> is [[Quinn Morgendorffer|Quinn's]] math teacher in [[Kara Wild]]'s [[Driven Wild Universe]].
One of the newest members of the Lawndale High faculty, he was lured over by Ms. Li from Fielding Preparatory Academy. Highly educated and of British birth, Phelps seems to embody the stereotype of the "proper priss," with a love of good tea and a steel rod up his bum. He is utterly disliked by most of the faculty at Lawndale High, especially DeMartino, who resents Li's favoritism toward him.
When he learns what Daria was told, the dark, ruthless side of his personality comes out.
==Phelps in Otherother Fanficsfanfics==
Wild also used Phelps as the villain in an alternate universe fic to her alternate universe series, "[[They Came from Planet Xulfanex]]." There, Phelps is virtually the same, personality-wise, and he has the same relationship with Quinn, until revealing that that he comes from another planet. From that point onward, the Phelps character in "Xulfanex" departs dramatically from the Phelps in the Driven Wild Universe. Although Phelps is similarly ruthless in the DWU, he is not willing to kill and does not have extraordinary powers like "Xulfanex" Phelps, particularly mind control. Phelps from "Xulfanex" also has much more of a history with Jake.
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