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Splendora is the all-woman band that wrote and recorded the theme music for Daria, "You're Standing on My Neck", and its commercial bimpers. The all-girl band also wrote and recorded the title themes for both Daria TV movies: "Turn Down the Sun" for Is It Fall Yet? and "College Try (Gives Me Blisters)" for Is It College Yet?

Glenn Eichler told Paste that “My recollection is that we already knew and liked Splendora’s music because one of our producers, Cindy Brolsma, was actually in Splendora as their cellist. We asked them if they’d like to write and record a theme song and gave Janet Wygal some suggestions for lyrics they might want to incorporate, like ‘Excuse me’ and ‘You’re standing on my neck,’ and they took it from there."


Cindy Brolsma in Daria: Behind the Scenes
  • Janet Wygal - Guitar, vocals
  • Tricia Wygal - Bass, percussion, flute, vocals
  • Delissa Santos - Drums
  • Cindy Brolsma - Cello
  • Jennifer Richardson - Violinist

The entry on Allmusic.com suggests that Janet and Tricia Wygal were the band's songwriters.

The band is assumed to not be around anymore.


Aside from the contributions to Daria, Splendora also recorded one album, 1995's In the Grass.