Stacy and the Lamp

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Stacy and the Lamp is a short story by The Angst Guy.

The story originated from an Iron Chef in PPMB in March 2006, in which the challenge was to write a story where a Daria character would find and rub a lamp with a genie, thus getting three wishes.


Warning: plot details given

Stacy Rowe is cleaning a lamp when a genies appears, informing her she has the right to three wishes. This provoques a lenghtly monologue from the young woman, in which she considers what would be the best wish and how her life is going at the moment. The bored genie eventually snaps and yells at Stacy, which provokes in her a rare display of backbone... with hilarious results: she gets her wishes AND a revenge on those that had hurt her.


- the story at TAG's fanfiction site.