Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor is Brittany Taylor's father, as well as the father of Brian Taylor. He is seen in the Taylor family portrait in "The Daria Database", and also in the episodes "The Old and the Beautiful," "Groped by an Angel" and "Art Burn." His ex-wife (and Brittany's mother) is Vivian Taylor and his current wife is Ashley-Amber Taylor. He is an ad executive (as revealed in The Daria Database) who met Ashley-Amber when she was a spokesmodel for a beer company.

Steve's personality is crude, boorish, and irritable. He seems especially impatient with his son Brian, though he seems to favor Brittany, throwing her a party and giving her an expensive present in "Groped by an Angel." (He had apparently thrown Brian a party recently too, but seemed bitter about that fact.) One of his hobbies is sports shooting and mounting trophy animals.

He collects a lot of art from Gary's Gallery, including one of the reproductions Jane made in "Art Burn" - he cheerfully admits getting the real art would be too expensive and so uses "a great gallery that's got a bunch of hacks churning out copies. They're really pretty decent for the price." Hearing Steve Taylor note her art had gotten lazy gave Jane the impetus to quit the job.

In Fanfiction[edit]

Steve is often portrayed negatively in fanfiction, given his obvious lack of parenting skills and generally unpleasant behavior. One exception is Kristen Bealer's "A Monster in the Unmaking" which is about him realizing what he has done wrong in his life.