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A ficlet by Angelinhel in which Jake's father reveals the reason for sending Jake to military school.

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The opening scene reveals Jake's father had once been a prisoner of war, tortured for information with, among other things, a straight razor. Hearing his wife and child walk in the front door, he goes downstairs, annoyed to find his son crying and his wife fussing over him.

Jake had gotten into another fight- he is often picked on by the other boys because he is smaller and less athletic. His father thinks Jake's mother coddles him too much, not allowing Jake to learn from the fights and 'toughen up'. When his mother pleads that Jake is delicate, according to the school nurse, Jake's temper flares and he mutters 'fuck her'. His mother, worried her husband will punish the boy for swearing, says he wanted 'structure' and suggests summer camp.

Jake enthusiastically agrees, thinking he was fairly good at tennis and might find his strength there. His father, however, believes tennis camp will only isolate his son more, thinking only rich people played that sport. He decides to send his boy to the only place where all men are equal at the start- military school.


  • In the show, it was mentioned Jake's father had a razor phobia, causing Jake to have to learn to shave from a teacher at the military academy.
  • Also during one of Jake's rants on the show, he says he wanted to go to tennis camp but his dad sent him to military school instead.
  • One of the few fanfics casting Jake's father in a positive light.

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