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Upchuck as a superhero, an alter-ego shot from the Daria's Inferno PC game
The only canonical superheroes: "Coolman and Dr Weird" from Beavis and Butthead issue 8

Superheroes were used as occasional fodder for Alter Ego images in the Daria show. In-universe, Kevin Thompson is a fan of the fictional superhero Ratboy, Daria once saw Beavis and Butt-head running around thinking they were superheroes (and getting a beating). Marvel superhero The Thing was seen at Burger World once with his chronicler, Stan Lee.

The Thing (right), a superhero, enjoys his downtime

In Daria fanfic, superhero fics are a subset of alternate-universe storytelling, in which one or more characters of the show have fantastic powers beyond the norm and use their abilities to fight evil (or commit it). This form of story has become increasing popular in recent times. Crossovers with either the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe are frequent.

Examples are many and varied, ranging from farcical comedies to world-destroying melodramas. Among other stories offering Daria characters with startling powers and abilities are these.

Essays on Daria Superheroes[edit]