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Susie Lewis

Susie Lewis is a television producer and voice actor. She was one of the regular producers and co-creator of Daria, working closely with Glenn Eichler. She told Paste in 2016 that "Glenn and I had a lot of shared attitudes and opinions about life in general, so being able to use Daria and Jane to communicate was quite rewarding".

On Beavis and Butt-head, one of her jobs was selecting the music videos for 'review'. On Daria, she aimed to find an eclectic selection of music clips - a highly intensive job, though she also decided that Daria and Jane I"would like the same kind of music that I liked" like Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus, and Love & Rockets.

She also played Andrea in Too Cute, Fair Enough, and Daria Dance Party.

Since Daria, Lewis has accumulated numerous credits as either executive or coordinating producer of television series and specials, most recently for the 2006 CMT Music Awards.

In 2017, she wrote Catching Up With The Daria Gang for Entertainment Weekly, giving her views on where the cast had ended up.

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