TC II: All the King's Horses

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All the King's Horses is the second part of Turnabout Confusion by Dennis. This novella-length fanfic covers a another week during Daria's junior year two months after the events of We All Fall Down. Quinn and Daria seek to overturn the new social order that has sprung up at Lawndale High in the wake of the original bet. In this second part, the popularity culture envisioned in the first part has, if anything, grown even more cut-throat and is now shown to involve the faculty and administration of the school.


Turnabout Confusion began as an Iron Chef proposed by Ranger Thorne at the PPMB, suggesting that two major characters switch place for a day. The story was composed serially at PPMB beginning in January 2008, after Part I's completion in December 2007, and completed in early 2009. All the King's Horses features around 25 different viewpoint characters and is approximately 55,000 words.


All the King's Horses was nominated for several awards in the 6th Daria Fanworks Awards, and won the following award:

  • Favorite School-Centered (Lawndale High) for Turnabout Confusion, Part II: All The King's Horses