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Grand-Fixer-Upper: I'm a little confused. Where did you get these nominees? They don't match the names on the nominee list that Kristen Bealer compiled. This list also includes some stories that were written before 2022, like "The Show Must Go Off". Likewise, while "How Jodie Spent Her Summer Vacation" is a nominee, it was nominated for Best Use of a Background/Supporting Character, not Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy.

If you are part of a group compiling your own awards, you're welcome to post them on the Wiki. But you do need to indicate that they're separate from the regular Daria Fanworks Awards.

I am also confused on how Kristen Bealer is compiling award lists that seem to be self-nominations and wins, which are ineligible. Kristen's won almost every year, especially since she has nominations and wins from the 2020 Daria Fanworks Awards for works apparently published (not updated) in 2022 according to Fanfiction.Net

Doesn't seem fair to me. Nominations were not announced on this site as well, only the winners, which is also confusing.

Grand-Fixer-Upper: As I explained on the 2020 Daria Fanworks Awards discussion section, the stories you mention were written in 2020 on the two Daria message boards, which made them eligible. Kristen simply didn't post them on until 2022, but they were already extant before then.

To clarify, the way the awards work is as follows: they're set up on the two message boards. Several categories are made available, and members are invited to nominate whatever stories they wish. These can be message board stories, or stories posted elsewhere. Then the nominees are voted on. The DariaWiki has never been used as a place for nominations or voting.