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Old Wounds?[edit]

An article like this could open up old wounds, but on the other hand, there have been regrettable trends in Daria fan fic, as well as regrettable trends in the fandom itself. Also, there is the matter of Sturgeon's Law to contend with; it would be the height of arrogance or at least an incredible act of willful ignorance to believe that Daria fan work and Daria fandom itself could be exempt from it. As a relative newcomer, I know some of these regrettable trends have run their course, and that since I've arrived, some regrettable trends have come into fashion—I've probably participated in a few myself. I hope we can look at the matter dispassionately. --ScissorsMacGillicutty 10:38, 13 April 2007 (EDT)


I edited the phrase "supernatural events" in Wilder's last edit, lest people think that early Daria fanfiction was Buffy fanfiction. CINCGREEN 12:48, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

Fandom Went Downhill[edit]

I added to the "fandom went downhill after [Person X] left" section. I'll probably add more later, since I'm experiencing roadblocks with the work I'm supposed to be writing. Wilder 11:48, 21 April 2007 (PST)

Script vs Prose[edit]

I've combined the "good/bad" entries and brought the discussion into a single subject. Working to revise points to a more neutral position.

RLobinske 11 May 2007.

The Daria / Jane slash fic[edit]

IMHO the section is a bit on the biased side. All the anti arguments are listed, but none of the possible pro slash arguments. Additionally, the ending bit "Still, the Daria/Jane slashing persists, instead of less obvious slashing like Helen/Amanda, or perhaps male slashing like Kevin/Upchuck, each of which sadly goes unwritten while we read the 367th variation of a Daria/Jane relationship." is so dismissive of the 'ship that it suggests to the reader that nothing can be written about the 'ship that would be redeeming or even readable.

It was exactly this entry that led me to write LSBS. Whether or not you believe it redeemed the 'ship aside, solid stories such as Teenage Wasteland/ Four Play and Out on Vacation suggest, to my mind at least, that the pairing shouldn't be treated as dismissively as it appears to me.

I won't touch editing this one (as it can be argued that I have a dog in the fight), but I think it does bear some consideration...

undefinedlust 4 March 2011