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The Tank is the black, barely functional commercial van used by Mystik Spiral to haul around their band equipment. Supposedly owned by drummer Max Tyler, it's seen driven in the series by Trent and Jane Lane. It is described as "indestructible," but appears to break down frequently. In "Road Worrier," it broke down and had to be repaired using Jane's glue gun. At times its windows haven't worked and at one point Trent mentions the locks don't work either. In "Is It Fall Yet?", the speedometer is stuck at 10 mph. To add to these headaches, it also "eats gas," according to Trent.

Notable Appearances[edit]

It first appeared in "Road Worrier," where it broke down on the way to Alternapalooza.

In "Lane Miserables," Trent borrowed the Tank to sleep in for the night. He later would use it to drive Monique out on a date.

In "Speedtrapped," driven by Jane, it was pulled over by a Fremont Sheriff's deputy for swerving over the double yellow lines.

Daria rides with Trent in the Tank to see Jane at the art colony in Is It Fall Yet?

Trent and Jane use the Tank to give Daria and Quinn a ride to Camp Grizzly in "Camp Fear."

Reburb refers to "a five-hour wait for a tow truck when The Tank broke down a few yards later."

Fanfiction Usage[edit]

Despite the infrequency with which this vehicle was seen in the series, it appears in fanfiction with alarming frequency.