Terry Barry Barlow

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Terry Barry Barlow is a egotistical businessman, self-help guru, and franchising mogul (making $40m off of Pizza Forest) of dubious ethics & common sense from "Of Human Bonding". Famously, he saved the lives of a balloon crew during an ice storm by opening a rip panel with his teeth - actually it was his staffer Arno who did it. One of his books is I Did It, Why Can't You? and he's recently had two newborns ("Pay their mother a nice settlement, too"), which is not the first time he's had "strange kids calling me Daddy".

Jake hoped desperately to land him as a client or at least gain his respect at an Eatertainment Conference, while Andrew Landon was on first-name terms with him - and in Jake's first meet, he was frozen out while Terry and Andrew threw buzzwords at each other (and drove off Michele Landon with boorishness) and Terry dissed the idea of consultants, after already forgetting what Jake said he did. However, Jake got an in when Terry decided to ask "Darlene" what she thought of his new plan, Alligator Alley - "New Orleans cuisine, live alligator wrestling" - and her sarcasm reminded him "of me". The "Mogendavid" family were invited to a balloon ride with him in the morning.

However, Arno noted it was a terrible idea to go ballooning with two amateurs in bad weather and quit. Barlow decided to go ahead anyway, talking Jake into it with a barrage of charismatic pep-talking, but as soon as Daria walked off and dissed him, he gave up and decided to go sailing instead.

In one of the MTV flipbooks (archived via Wayback at a fansite), Barlow introduced factoids and designs about various transport in Daria and said: "Glad to meetcha! I'm Terry Barry Barlow, entrepreneur, leader and inspiration to scores of meek, self-limiting people who could really use a kick in the pants. I'm also the author of a best-selling as-told-to book about my days as a world-class balloonist, The Sky Is Never the Limit! It shows how to overcome your fear of success, unless you have a fear of failure; in that case, you may enjoy my other blockbuster as-told-to book, Win Big By Failing Forward. But first, check out this as-told-to flipbook featuring the many means Daria characters have used to travel far and wide, showing the kind of gumption that I possess in spades which allows me to patriotically rack up the frequent flyer miles."

Due to Outpost Daria mishearing his name when doing a transcript, fandom has usually written him as Terry Perry Barlow.

His character design looks similar to Christian Bale's character, Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho. This was most likely a coincidence, as the episode debuted the same day the movie was released.