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TheBrodsterBoy is a young Daria fandom writer, joining at the tail end of 2018, and officially approved on January 7th 2019. He is notable for his unorthodox story ideas, large amount of Iron Chefs, and general hyperactive personality.

He hails from Calgary, Alberta, and has a Youtube channel under the same name.


Beware the Fan that Feeds you - Andrea awakens, to find the world is a lie, as the chaotic duo rise.

Daria the Invincible - An Invincible Daria tests her power against what ever the multiverse can throw at her

Day of the Daria - Everything Daria says comes true, to disastrous results.

Janes Comedic Parody Chronicles: Comedy, SpongeBob parody, and one mistake we prefer to forgot

Plant of Madness - Jane makes a mistake when visiting Daria at the lab

One Little Slip - Travis slipped, and Daria payed the price