The Big Wedding (as 'Lyman Moneychanger')

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A hyper-OOC shipper fic about a wedding between Daria and Trent, 'The Big Wedding' was conceived and written by Brother Grimace after reading a thread in which Kara Wild commented on the nature of reader commentary and feedback on posted fanfics. She lamented her belief that well-written works recieved little or no feedback, whereas badly-written works recieved much comment - the more horrible the work and the style of the work, the more comments recieved, particularly in the form of flaming.

To see if this were so (and also as an excuse to write an 'over-the-top' parody of shipper fics, Brother Grimace took on the pseudonym of Lyman Moneychanger to write the fic - and as expected, recieved more responses to that one work than from all of his other works combined. Included in those negative comments were a couple of death threats.

Brother Grimace considers the death threats one of his proudest moments as a Daria fanfic writer.

Comments Received[edit]

  • Please, Die.If you are gonna write something incoherent, then dont write. The world will be a better place then.
  • Wut a STUPID fic!!!!!! It wuz SOOOOO wrong!! The charactors were all...wrong...Daria would never say stuff like that...they were all out of charactor!! How could you even write something like that!!!! I am sorry, but you seriously need to work on it a little more, try watching a few more episodes of 'Daria', that MAY help...I'm not sure may not be able to write the story good enough WITH help! Maybe you should also consider reading other Daria fics.......see how they do it.............. Sorry for the harsh flames......couldn't resist...If I had to rate it 1-10.....1 being bad 10 being good, I would give it a....... -5 sorry...
  • You know, even though the writing style makes this almost painful to read (which may be the entire point), this does stand as a fairly well done mockery of the entire hurt-comfort 'shipper genre (you know the ones; Daria undergoes emotional torment for no other reason than to enable Trent to ride in to the rescue and comfort her by professing his undying love and making all the write- er, Daria's romantic fantasies come true). It successfully turns the entire genre on it's ear, presenting Daria as living the dream only to, at the end, have it torn away from her by her white knight.
  • Ummm...I'll try to be nice and give only constructive criticism. Everyone was out-of-character. Daria is not the type of person to twirl around in front of a mirror. Aslo, neither she or Jane are so mushy as to tell each other "OH, I love you too." That's what's so cool about them in the show. Thye don't need to say it because they already know it. They were just totally out-of-character. The Fashion Club is not going to go up and hug Daria. They would probably refuse to attend the wedding. Why would Daria even invite them? They haven't ever been her friends. And both Trent and Tom were seriously out-of-character too.
  • You had plenty of dialogue, but a story should be more than just dialogue. You need to convey feelings, what the characters are thinking and feeling, etc. Also, from what you said about Jane being 'the best artist at Lawndale High,' I'm assuming that during this story that they are still in high school. Daria would never get married during high school. She's sensible. She would, at least, wait until she graduated from college and got herself settled down in the 'real world' before saying 'I do.' I suggest actually watching the show to observe how the characters really act.''
  • Wow. Somehow you've managed to put crap into words. Why the hell did you even write this?? It's obvious that its horribly written. Stop writing poorly written fanfiction for your own sick entertainment. Do something helpful for the world, like donating your computer so that the world may never have to read this crap again. If your trying to be funny, your not. Are you craving attention? Did your mother never hug you? Did your dog die? Be maturer, and if you can't become maturer, then at least act it. Writing something just to piss someone off is seriously pathetic. Now go delete this story and kill yourself. -Peace out, Terra.
  • wow that was the worst story i ever read, u should never write again, and i am trying to be mean. Unless you are going to write something that accually is good
  • OMG! That is so horrible! How could you do that? Ok, apart from the ending, which was absolutely EVIL (and very OOC), please please please write with better syntax? Please? Reading that was pretty close to torture, and I've read some pretty bad stuff. I got really confused within the first 3 sentences. Oh, and also, remember to capitalize Trent's name every time you type it please! I know thats just a little thing, but it makes such a big difference! Also, what is up with Tiffany running to give Daria a hug? She doesnt run anywhere! Anyway. Other than the plot, the characters, the syntax, the setting (where was it supposed to be anyways? You never explained that), and I think i ran out of elements of the story, so yeah, I think it's safe to say this just sucks. It looks like you wrote it in about 5 minutes and then just posted it. Please take more time and actually read over what you've written before you post it! That way you won't get any more reviews like this. It'll also make the universe a safer place for those of us who cannot abide with bad writing.
  • My 3 year old cousin writes better than this maybe you should pay attention in your ELA class and pre-write before you post. -dramatic sigh as the puts her fist through computer screen because of this dumb story-

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