The Daria-Jane Conspiracy

Daria fan supersite formerly at, managed by Dr. Mike. The site came down in March 2005. Parts of the site can be found with the Wayback Machine. While it started out as being build with static html webpages, it soon grew into an interactive site built around a PHPNuke install. Images, screen captures and fan artwork were also interactive as these were merged into a Gallery install built onto the site. Visitors were allowed to leave comments on works, fans could vote for their favorites, creators could register their own accounts and upload their own works, and people could interact with a semi active forum. An occasional "label a screen capture with a caption" game was offered as well.

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I am here to leave my mark on this piece of Internet history. Not actually offering any info 4/9/2004

Criticism Edit

While doing his best to keep the site up and running, Dr. Mike had a number of problems doing so. Lack of funds and the amount of traffic generated caused him to relocate the site to different web hosts on a number of occasions. The amount of time required to run the site and how it pulled the host away from his consulting work as well as problems with the domain also played factors in the site's downfall.

Rebirth Edit

Dr. Mike has gone on record a number of times expressing an interest in rebuilding the site or at least offering some form of fan site. He registered the domain when it was made available and has kept it registered for a number of years. It was used for a short time as a WordPress MultiUser site. At this time, while the domain is still registered, the website is not currently active.