The Devil's Own

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The Devil's Own is the twentieth installment of Roentgen's Legion of Lawndale Heroes series. It was initially titled 3:4 (Chapter 3, Part 4), and was given a title for the first time when the story was placed on

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

As power plays take place within the Legion, Lou Cypher is sent by John Dynell to solve the problem of the existence of the Legion itself.


  • First appearance of Lou Cypher.
  • First appearance of Mike Dunlap.
  • The incident Kevin and Brittany refer to at the beginning undoubtedly takes place at the time of "Depth Takes a Holiday".
  • The duotone uniform concept is introduced in this story.
  • Daria begins writing the Legion Constitution at the end of this part of the story.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Lou Cypher, the bad-ass man of evil.
  • Mike Dunlap, the mayor of Lawndale and successor to his indicted brother, Roy Dunlap.