The Dog is Getting More

The Dog is Getting More is a song by Mystik Spiral. The group perform it at their auditions for clubs in Mirage. Most club owners don't think they're very good and offer them 50 dollars for three sets, once a week, but Cubby, owner of the Cowbane feels the group are "tapped into the psychic stream of the great ones", and is willing to add 1,5% of the door takings to the 50 dollars for three sets.

Since the show was never produced, the lyrics were never set to music. But the song continues the "Dog" theme from "Every Dog Has Its Day" and is rhythmically so similar, it can be sung to that tune. The Spiral has not made any huge leaps in style or skill since Daria.

Lyrics Edit

I should have seen it coming/When Fido humped your leg

You gave him bits 'n' kibbles/Me, I had to beg

Now he's up on the blanket/While I'm down on the floor

I ain't gettin' nothin'

The dog is getting more!

The dog is getting more!/The dog is getting more, more, more!

You brush him and you bathe him/You're trimming back his claws

But you don't even see he's got you/Wrapped around his paws!

He's curled up by the fire/I'm scratching at the door!

(chorus repeat)