The Flying Monkeys

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This group of three boys, all freshmen at a future version of Lawndale High School, act as flunkies for Cherry Lane. Unlike Quinn's hold over the 3 J's in her high school years, Cherry's leadership seems to be based more on mutual respect and friendship. As one of the boys says, "The rest of us pretty much go along with whatever she says, ‘cause her ideas are always iced.” It is obvious that she is the brains of the operation. At one point Heather says to Steven, “You realize that if you look up ‘feckless lackeys’ in the dictionary there’s a group picture of the Flying Monkeys, right?”

The boys also make up the band Tarotnado, of which Cherry is the lead singer. Cherry explains the band's name as follows: "It kinda rolls up the whole magic tarot deck in with a tornado, which ties into the whole wicked witch and flying monkeys thing. Plus it’s a sort of homage to my uncle’s old band Mystic Spiral." Tarotnado does a lot of cover songs from 70's, 80's, and 90's heavy metal bands, and their own material can be best described as 'industrial euro-goth metal.' It's every bit as good as it sounds.

The boys are described as wearing garish outfits and black-leather trench coats. The coats have wings stenciled on the back in white, and a spiral pattern (to denote a monkey tail) just below the waist.

Chaz - Plays lead guitar, and is the most laid back and agreeable of the group.

Luke Campbell - Plays drums, and is the son of Mystic Spiral member Nicholas Campbell.

Sam - Plays bass, and communicates entirely through facial expressions and pantomime. Cherry claims this is because she loaned him The New Jersey Movies, directed by Kevin Smith. He also wears a ball cap, turned backwards on his head, in order to more fully emulate his hero.