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The Lost Seasons is an influential series written by C.E. Forman. Lost Season One (also referred to as Season 1.5) was written in 1998, during the months between the airing of "Write Where It Hurts" and "Daria!". Like the actual series, Lost Season One contains 13 episodes, all in scripted dialogue. Lost Season Two (or Season 2.5) was written in 1999, during the months between "Jane's Addition" and "Partner's Complaint." It consists of three stories: A Morgendorffer Scorned, Cut Above, and Fireworks.

Lost Season Two was originally supposed to have 13 as well, but Forman burned out and decided to leave the rest unwritten. Episodes left unwritten (or partially written) include "Short Order Kooks" (a Daria/Beavis and Butt-head flashback episode), "Throw Away the Key" (Jake worries about his family's safety), "Tutor Monarch" (Daria tutors Kevin), "DTV" (Daria gets her own television show), "Daria-Elect" (Daria sabotages a corrupt judge's reelection campaign), and "Infinite Jane" (Jane considers her career path as an artist).

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