The Meaning of Life

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A short ficlet by Angelinhel. Stacy writes an essay for Mr. ONeill's English class on the subject, "If you could ask the Universe one question, and have it answered, what would it be?"

Nominated for the 2007 Bootie for "Favorite Melodrama", "Favorite Use of a Background Character From the Television Series", "Favourite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth", and "Favourite Weird Idea".

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Stacy writes a poignant essay detailing her confusion and moments of regret following a teen pregnancy and abortion. The question she wants answered is "Who would have my baby have grown up to be?", in the hopes it would help her understand if she had made the right decision not to have the baby. Unable to confide in anyone other than her mother, Stacy deletes the original essay and pens a far more generic version of 'the meaning of life' question, knowing the truth would only make her more of an outcast among her teachers and classmates.

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