The Moderator Is In

The Moderator Is In is an essay by Kara Wild, written in April 2000.

Background edit

A few months prior to writing the essay, Wild became the moderator for the Outpost Daria Message Board in addition to moderating the Paperpusher's Message Board. While the PPMB was relatively quiet, ODMB quickly became the hot spot after the closure of Lawndale Commons. At the time of the essay, ODMB had forums for fanfiction, general topics, and topics relating exclusively to Daria. When Wild deleted some general threads that were in the Daria-only forum (she did not have the option of moving them), she incurred some anger from the thread participants. Wild therefore wrote this essay in response to them and any other skeptical ODMB users.

Summary edit

Wild explains the motives behind her decision making as a moderator, emphasizing that when she goes on a message board, she just wants to discuss the show.

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