The Morgendorffer Files

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The Morgendorffer Files is a fantasy series written by LSauchelli, a crossover with The Dresden Files where Daria learns that she has magical talent. In each story she gets involved with increasingly more dangerous situations.

As of now, the series has four tales, the first two being one shots and the later short serials.

  • Semiautomagic: It's a retelling of the Dresden story 'Restoration of Hope' where Daria takes the place of the girl in the story, changing her future forever.
  • Magicsters: It's about Daria's first day at LHS.
  • Dial M for Magic: A few months after Magicsters, Daria finds herself involved with the Sloanes, who are themselves involved in dangerous business of apocalyptic proportions.
  • Crouching Monster, Hidden Magic: Daria and Jane are assigned to investigate a town that may be overrun by vampires, Salem's Lot. They find a lot more trouble than expected.