The Night Series

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The Night Series is a series of one-shots by thatLONERchick. While they do not all occur in the same universe, they all share one thing in common: they happen at night.


  • Pull the Plug: After Daria gets into a motorcycle accident, she wakes up to find her life in the balance.
  • The Cell: As Jake lies in bed, he reflects on his marriage, and how it all fell apart.
  • Snow Fall: Jake and Helen reflect on their marriage, and on their soon-to-be-leaving children, as the snow falls on Christmas Eve.
  • Regrets: Brittany, unsatisfied in her relationship, discovers she'll now be stuck in it for life.
  • Waking Dreams: As Sandi awakes from a fantastic dream, she soon experiences deja vu when a new student arrives.
  • Curtain Call: Jane recalls her dreams of the theater being dashed, and finds a way to make them come true.
  • Never Come to Be: Trent plays a CD, and recalls the day his world came to an end.
  • Second Glance: Daria awakes in the dead of night to the soft tapping of pebbles being tossed against her window. She opens the window, and is surprised to find herself with a visitor.

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

4th Daria Fanworks Awards

Pull the Plug: Nominated for Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Horror The Cell: Winner (shared) of Favorite Jake Story Snow Fall: Nominated for Favorite Holiday Story

6th Daria Fanworks Awards

Curtain Call: Nominated for Favorite Pre-Esteemsters Never Come to Be: Nominated for Favorite Romance - Straight

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