The Old and the New

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Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The Old and the New occurs about 2 years after Reflections Before Summer in the Submariner Series by Wildgoose. Daria travels to the rebuilt Washington D.C to meet with President Jodie Landon (in rough continutity, this would make Jodie the youngest US president in history). Jodie convinces Daria to explain how she was nicknamed "Hell Fire Lane". After the explanation, Jodie promotes Daria to Rear Admiral and assigns her to research strange sounds that have been detected on submarine sonar that some intellegence experts believe to be language. During the conversation, it is also revealed that Quinn was an FA-18 pilot who was recently paralized after cancer surgery.

Back home, Amy and her friend John have gone on a deep-sea fishing trip. On the return, the captain suffers a heart attack and crashes the boat against a jetty. Amy is thrown overboard and is rescued by Nierte, a mermaid (or Fey).