The Other Side of Things

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Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The Other Side of Things is set two years after The Old and the New in Wildgoose's Submariner Series. Confined to a wheelchair, Quinn visits Daria, still depressed about her paralysis. Her husband, Joey (not that Joey) sent an unopened letter along to Daria, containing a posthumous taped message from Quinn's old wingman, Kathryn. They used to fly Iron Hand/Wild Weasel missions to find and destroy enemy missile and radar sites, a very dangerous occupation. Because of her actions during a mission, Quinn blames herself for Kathryn's death. When Quinn accidentally falls off of the dock behind Daria's house, she is rescued by Nierte, who has become good friends with Amy, Jane and William. Nierte reminds Quinn of Kathryn, and looks almost exactly like a drawing that Kathryn had made.