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Outers is an incomplete trilogy of stories by The Angst Guy. The individual story titles are derived from lines in the hymn, "Amazing Grace."


Who Once Was Lost[edit]

Twelve-year-old Daria Morgendorffer awakens in a cave at Camp Grizzly (per the episode "Camp Fear") and scrambles out of an earthquake-caused opening. Tired and dazed, she finds that the rest of the campers who were with her on a hike have disappeared. When she finally her way back to camp, she discovers that three years have mysteriously passed since she left on the hike. Ecstatic and yet unbelieving, Daria's family flies to meet her from their new home in Lawndale. Still physically twelve, Daria finds that Quinn is now biologically her older sister. Mysteries grow upon mysteries as the authorities and family members try to discover what happened to Daria, and an unearthly influence is suspected.

But Now Is Found[edit]

Daria and her family are back in Lawndale and trying to restore their lives to something close to normal. Soon, however, those behind her original disappearance come looking for her.

Stories in Series[edit]