The Ranting Klown

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The Ranting Klown is a fanfiction author.

Fandom history[edit]

Entered the fanfic community in February of 2006, with an attempt at an in-canon piece Citizen Jane, profiling Jane's fight to become student body president of Lawndale High.

However, he soon became known for posting highly out of canon serials on the PPMB, with memorable contributions involving stories about Jane becoming a secret movie star, and a 1st and 3rd person account about Tom and the decision he made to court Daria set to Hey Jude by the Beatles.

One of these serials was repackaged and emerged as North and South, The Ranting Klown's first attempt at a Daria/Trent shipper. In amongst all this, he started work on his only series, The Rest of My Damn Life which has been generally received well by readers. Recently, The Ranting Klown went back to in-canon work, and produced Just us Two and the Devil Makes Three, memorable for it's snappy dialog.

Currently, he is working on a new piece, where four members of the PPMB are set to make cameos.