The Watched

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Human collaborators who assist the Slaver Mantoids in controlling the human slave population aboard The Habitat, as seen in Ostragoth's Estrangsters and Brother Grimace's unauthorized one-shot fic Behind Enemy Lines. Referred to as 'The Watched' because they are allowed greater privilege and are therefore far more suspect in the minds of the Slaver Mantoids, The Watched serve in many capacities aboard The Habitat. As previously seen, The Watched are responsible for familiarizing newly-captured humans in Slaver Mantoid doctrine, as well as on-site experts in human psychology, tactics and beliefs.

Hated by their fellow humans, The Watched are well aware of their privileged status, and many (if not all) use this status to take advantage of their fellow humans (particularly in a sexual manner). It is notable that, as of present, that all members of The Watched are male. This may be due to the fact that the Slaver Mantoids place a far higher premium on the lives of human females, and would not risk the life of a valuable source of food (let alone a potentially priceless breeder female) by putting her in a position where a slave revolt, while doomed to failure, would result in her being among the first killed.

Many of The Watched have been seen, but only one has been identified by name; that person is Calvin, who is seen molesting Anita Isakson in 'Behind Enemy Lines'.