The Wild and the Young

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Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Chapter 12.1, The Wild and The Young is the eighth chapter of Legion of Lawndale Heroes written by Brother Grimace.

The story continues the trials of the Legionnaires as they return from their Outlast training on Grace Island. Among the events that take place during this episode:

  • Mack Mackenzie, who has been quarantined at Legion Tower in a special containment chamber because of his newfound solar powers, is visited by both Trent and Jane, who releases him from the chamber and offers him membership in the Lawndale chapter of the Legion.
  • Jane did not return with the other Legionnaires immediately to Legion Tower; she stayed with Langston Chambers in Alaska in order to help start a chapter of the National Legion.
  • After being given a power supression device made from Salazarium, Mack accidentally 'overhears' some of Daria's thoughts concerning him. Daria is also shocked when she spontaneously manifests Mack's solar powers, which leads to the realization that Daria has the ability to use the powers of any other metahuman (as well as those metahumans being able to use her powers also) while both are wearing devices or items made of Salazarium.
  • Kyle recieves a visit from Admiral Martin Harriman and two of his cadets from the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies; this is in regards to Kyle arranging a visit to the Academy for the Legionnaires for more advanced testing and research than is possible at Legion Tower. Upon arrival, the Legionnaires are greeted by this world's Martin Peters, who is Cadet Commander of Corps - the ranking cadet at the Academy.

Also, Graham - one of the students Daria and Jodie Landon met when they visited Grove Hills - finds out that he is a member of The Elite. Allowed to have his metahuman powers of hyper-intelligence and hyper-invention manifest, Graham (revealed to be his last name; his full name is Alexander Milhous Graham is made aware of a secret caste within the ranks of The Elite. He is also told that his help may be needed in order to deal with the Legion and with Daria; he agrees, and also takes the opportunity to lose his virginity to the beautiful telepath who is the leader of the group that 'unbinds' his metahuman abilities.


  • In the future of the LLH universe, some writers hypothesize that the close relationship between Kyle Armalin and Sandi Griffin was a romantic one. Those believing the hypothesis are called "Kandi 'shippers". (Kandi from (K)yle/S(andi), and 'shipper' from 'relationshipper'.)
  • The idea of unstable molecules is introduced.
  • Charles is scheduled to train on the Gridrunner in the middle of the following year.
  • Janet (Regulus) Barch is officially presumed dead. An empty casket is buried.
  • Mack has discussed his powers with Jodie. It is revealed that he is already a member of the National Legion. He becomes the ninth Legionnaire, and the first Legionnaire who was not intially a member of Chapter Number One. His election is a unanimous 8-0 vote.
  • Jane Lane has helped Langston Chambers start the National Legion's first Alaska-based chapter.
  • Martin Harriman is mistakenly named "Martin Harrison" in this chapter.
  • Rafael Vargas and Maryann Lyter become the first two USAES cadets, and the first two members of The Alliance, to be seen in the series.

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