The Winters of Those Gone Before

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A novella by Brother Grimace that extends the scenario (Jake gone criminally insane, Daria and Quinn falling into a sexual relationship from the traumatic stress of their father's violent breakdown) begun in LyinTamer's Night of the Storm.The novella focuses upon Helen and the effects of her family's traumas upon her and her own sexuality, which becomes manifest in a shocking fashion.

The story is rated NC-17, and features a strongly-worded author's warning on the very controversial nature of the work.

The fanfic was nominated sixteen times in the 2004 'Crappies' fan fiction awards, and won for 'Most Out-Of-Character Helen'.

Fandom Characters[edit]


"The Winters of Those Gone Before" can be found:

There is also an 'R'-rated version of the fic located here at The Contrarian's Corner. It is rumored that an unrated version of the fic exists, but has never been released.

An interview with Brother Grimace about the story, consisting of fan-submitted questions and conducted by E. A. Smith, can be found:

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