They Came from Planet Xulfanex

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They Came from Planet Xulfanex is a multi-part fanfic written by Kara Wild in 2004.


Xulfanex was a fic written as a response to a challenge by fanfic authors to write something "over the top," while Wild in turn challenged others to write something "realistic." Wild first premiered it in several parts on the PPMB in late winter/early spring of 2004, before revising and distributing it to other fan sites. Although the fanfic is a stand-alone, it ties into Wild's Driven Wild Universe continuum, taking place shortly after the events of Memory Road.


Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Quinn learns that her math teacher, Mr. Phelps is really an alien bounty hunter, after another of his species who was guilty of "terrorizing" their planet. Before long, she and Daria discover that Phelps's prey is none other than their father, Jake Morgendorffer! Which means that Quinn and Daria are part-alien, with strong powers that are only beginning to manifest themselves. Can the Morgendorffers stay a step ahead of Phelps, who is determined to stop them at all costs? And can Quinn keep the secret of a terrible crime to herself?



  • Wild got the name "Xulfanex" from someone she knew named Zulfan.
  • Wild wrote this fanfic before she knew how the Driven Wild Universe would conclude, and in some ways meant for the resolution between Quinn and Mr. Phelps to be a stand-in for her series. The following year, she finally wrote the last DWU installments, Into the Fire and Tomorrow Never Knows.

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