This Book Sucks

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The cover to This Book Sucks

This Book Sucks is a 1993 book written by Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil as part of the Beavis and Butt-head canon. It is currently out of print and was the only book not reprinted in a 2004 omnibus.

Daria Morgendorffer is shown as one of the "Cast of Caricatchers" in a police lineup, along with Coach Buzzcut, Tom Anderson, Stewart Stevenson, and Mr. Van Driessen. Butt-head writes that "she really respects us, 'cause she said we're 'freaks of nature' once." Daria in the line up of "Cast of Caricatchers"

Later in the book, Daria appears in the "Hysterectomy of the World" as "Joan Van Arc", tied to a stake with kindling beneath her feet. Beavis is shown holding a torch, about to set her on fire.

Coach Buzzcut would refer to the buttmunches as having stolen her notebook and how later partiality burned pages of the said notebook were seen floating across the athletic field, blown from the roof of the building after some small explosions were heard. Later Butt-Head was apprehended while holding the surviving pages of the notebook which had an essay about human sexuality and several attempts at a forged "Daria Morgendorffer" signature. Despite actually holding the pages in his hands Butt-Head is denying any involvement..

Finally, we are shown a report Daria wrote for extra-credit in her Human Sciences class, entitled Teen Legends of Highland High: An Oral History. It was dated October 15 and consisted of an interview Daria conducted with Beavis and Butt-head, asking them about the urban legends of the school. She asked them if the killer-with-a-hook-for-a-hand legend was meant to be a tale to scare students away from having illicit sex; they agreed with her that "this legend means not to have illegal sex with the radio on... 'cause then Ozzy [Osbourne] will kill you".