Tristan Mathiesen

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Tristan Mathiesen is a character from NeonHomer's alternate universe fanfic Double Down. He is in the same grade as Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane, and Matilda Seiler.

Originally from Florida, his father used to work for NASA, and his mother worked for a large retail chain, Payday. His father accepted a better job with a contractor who used to work for NASA, and moved to a company provided house in Lawndale, while Tristan and his mother stayed in their home town of New Smyrna, Florida.

After Tristan filled a bunch of the locks at his former high school with epoxy, he faced expulsion. However, his mother took the opportunity to move out of the area, transferring to the new Payday store in Lawndale. Naturally, Tristan transfers to Lawndale High.

Tristan is of average intelligence, with many mischievous skills, including, but not limited to, lock-picking, security evasion, and manipulation. He is also good with computers, (but not a hacker), and working on automobiles.


It is stated in the fic Return to Highland that Tristan is married to Matilda Seiler. However, NeonHomer clearly states that this fic is an "Alternate Universe based on an Alternate Universe", and that it is not an indication of what will happen in his life. (This is based on the fact that Double Down is the "fic of record" for Tristan, and Return to Highland is an AU based on that fact.