Truths Known, Spoken and Undone

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Truths Known, Spoken and Undone is Legion of Lawndale Heroes Chapter 11.6. It is the sixth chapter of LLH written by Brother Grimace.

Plot Spoilers[edit]

Janet Barch and Angier Sloane share harsh words. We learn that John Dynell asked Angier to give Barch a job at the Sloane Foundation's Special Projects Annex, where he had to make special arrangements to keep staff members who worked with her from walking out. Barch wants her name on the patent for the Netcell; Angier states that the Netcell was a group creation and Barch will not get individual credit. Despite Dynell asking Sloane not to fire her some time earlier, Sloane has had enough and gives Barch her walking papers.

Workers at The Annex gossip about Barch's ball-busting ways and that Kyle Armalin has visited Angier Sloane for the purposes of planning a Christmas party for the Legion. Barch overhears the conversation, but says nothing.

Hank Stewart chats with Charles at the campsite. Topics of discussion include Charles's history of camping with his father, and Sandi's cleverness in planning for a Type 2 Biome to be set up at base camp. Hank's sources say that Sandi is becoming Armalin's "padawan-learner".

Stewart speaks with the other Legionnaires. Tom points out the work that other Legion chapters are doing, both with raising money and with creative projects like All Things Legion at the Colorado Springs chapter.

Quinn talks about following some National Legion chapter members to New Orleans (Quinn was under an alias). Everyone is surprised to find out that not only Quinn disobeyed Armalin's orders, but that Jane (as Leader) knew about it.

Daria wants to know why she was never given an offer to come with Quinn. Quinn angrily replies that she doesn't need to be nursemaided -- and implies that she has found out about Daria's mental manipulation to forget her near-rape when the Legion was almost kidnapped.

Daria leaves, and Hank states that he will leave the argument "off the record". Quinn reports her experiences at New Orleans -- and that yes, it was as bad as could be imagined.

Finally, Stewart asks about Armalin's involvement with the Legion. Sandi states that Armalin is helping the Legion to do the work that Stark wanted, and quotes the tagline from the Legion commercials: "If you don't choose the future you want... you don't get the future you want."

A future Hank Stewart reminisces about his experiences. His grandchildren want him to bring his ring (it is strongly suggested that it is a Legion flight ring with them for the Heroes Day celebration. Grace Island has been declared a national monument.

Stacy goes out into the woods to retrieve Daria. Stacy asks Daria why she is unable to accept people for being the way they are or why she turns away honest offers of help or friendship. Daria agrees to return to the campsite and accompanies Stacy.

Mack Mackenzie shows up at the Barch residence to deliver a package. Mr. O'Neill points him in the right direction. Mr. O'Neill acts as househusband, as any mention of the fate of Lawndale High School sends him into tears.

At Grace Island Hank Stewart takes the guys away from the campfile for male bonding. The female campers are amazed to hear Langston Chambers say that Charles -- Upchuck -- is hot.

The male campers get into a discussion about Charles. Tom talks about the old "Upchuck" Charles and how Charles has changed since the Legion...and that Charles is oblivious to his newfound charms. However, Charles bitterly replies that he is not going to play "the dating game". Tom realizes that Charles's rejection of his newfound attractiveness will just make him more attractive than ever.

Mack finally shows up at the Annex to deliver his package to Janet. When Mack mentions that Angier Sloane recommended him for the messenger job, something in Barch snaps. Mack is tazered by Barch, and dragged to an unknown location.

Michelle Landon is thinking about her life now that Andrew Landon has become mayor. She certainly does not want to be the mayor's wife, and sees his obsession with the Winged Tree Country Club as beneath the both of them. Michelle hints that she might expand her own political power, and thinks about Helen Morgendorffer. Michelle realizes that she and Helen are in similar situations, and regrets having spurned a natural ally.

Michelle then notices that Mack has not shown up for his date, very uncharacteristic of him. She calls the police.

In Angier Sloane's office, Sloane is informed that something has happened at the Annex. Sloane has Kay and Elsie secured, sends an operative to Legion Tower to have Kyle Armalin evacuate Tom out of the area, and then teleports away with the help of his security detail.


  • A place called "O. S. C." supposely has the best coffee in Lawndale.
  • A gossipy rag known as the National Inquistor exists, which had implied that Stark's relations with the Legionnaires are more on the lines of sexual perversion.
  • Multiple hints are given regarding the possible futures of some of the Legionnaires and others.
    • Mack Mackenzie would be the first Legionnaire to have an "arch-enemy". In LLH 14:2, that enemy is revealed to be an old acquaintance.
    • It is hinted that at least five more members would join the Legion from the nine members present at Grace Island before the world became aware of the Legion. (Because of events already shown, it is strongly suggested that Jodie Landon will become one of those Legionnaires. As of LLH 14:1, at least five new members have joined the Legion: Julia Carlyle, Fran Lawrence, Jodie Landon, Trent Lane, and Jamie White. In a promotional opening for LLH, It was insinuated that Andrea Hecuba-Thorne will also join the Legion.)
    • The "Battle of Legion Tower", or "The Quarry War" is mentioned. The Tower is rebuilt after its future destruction, but one Legionnaire dies there. In the Worldburner arc of the ' Judith Saga, ' Legion Tower is destroyed by Judith in the fic 'The First Battle of Legion Tower'.
    • Langston Chambers and Hank Stewart are married.
    • Langston Chambers was the founder of the first Alaskan chapter of the National Legion.
    • A national day of celebration in the future is called "Heroes Day".
    • Sandi Griffin would later have the codenames "Myrmidon" and "Duo Damsel" (the latter after she loses one of her bodies). It is also mentioned that Sandi has a (as yet undiscovered) ability known as 'hyper-fission/fusion', which allows her to engage in hand-to-hand combat with an extraordinarily powerful being during the Battle of Legion Tower.
    • David Allen Farrington and Leda Calavicci will be among the combatants that stand with the Legion at the Battle of Legion Tower. In the battle that took place at Legion Tower, Farrington ws unseen, but used his powers to destroy an attacking wave of flame-doppelgangers, giving the Legionnaires a momentary respite from the battle. It was mentioned by Judith that Farrington and the others with were killed when they destroyed the Architects' Gateway Nexus for the Local Group with multiple nuclear weapons, also hindering Judith's plan to use all existing inter-dimensional transfer systems to deliver her doppelgangers in their attack upon the planet.
    • The government will later start 'super-hero teams' known as the "Eagle Guard" and "Strikeforce: America".
    • It is implied that Val will someday become a supervillain.

Dramatis Personae[edit]


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