Turnabout Confusion

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A two-part fanfiction novel by Dennis, Turnabout Confusion was inspired by an Iron Chef suggested by Ranger Thorne. The challenge was to write a story where Daria and Quinn are forced to live each other's lifestyle for a week. What was originally a one-off scene quickly became a full-fledged fic written in short installments.

During the writing, Dennis decided that there was too much story for one part and the fic was divided into two parts:

Each part is the length of a long novella or short novel and is set over the course of a week (or thereabout), divided into chapters for each day.

"We All Fall Down" was nominated for several awards in the 2007 Daria Fanworks Awards (the Booties). Similarly, "All The King's Horses" was nominated for several awards in the 2009 Booties, and Turnabout Confusion as a whole was nominated for Favorite Ongoing Series in the 2009 Booties.


The story is set in universe Daria-7 of the Daria Multiverse, during Daria's junior year, around the time of Daria 101 Season 3. We All Fall Down is set in mid-winter, around February, and All the King's Horses picks up the story "two months later" in April.


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