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We are Seeking volunteers

We are seeking lore writer volunteers to write lore on zu'aan and kin'toni controlled places, kin'toni clans and zu'aan tribes. Pages range from 2000 words (places) to 3500 words (kin'toni clans). To take part contact Eytirth on Discord at Eytirth#1310 or on her talk page and say you want to volunteer to write content.

The Shattering Age

The year is 4E 250, of the Second era. For over 66 decades, the world of Taerel has been ravaged by the kin’toni plague, a sickness that converts those inflicted into kin’toni, vampyric monsters seeking the blood of the zu’aan. The zu’aan and kin’toni struggle to live in a world that is out to kill them..

Forget the power of technology, the world has been sent back to a new dark age The zu’aa have been driven back to a new dark age by the kin’toni hunting them down if they grow any bigger then small tribes Something has changed lately, as of the start of the Fouth Era, the kin’toni have stopped hunting down the zu’aan and now, cities have formed.

The zu’aan are now made of two groups: The wandering tribal groupings that evade the kin’toni by never staying still. Their technology is only that of the stone age to the iron age. The cites are a new thing, having been founded at the start of the Fouth Era at the latest. Their tech is that of the ancient era of the zu’aan. Their survival is dependent on their high walls and their armies.

Now, they are both dying, as their numbers dwindle, as a new ice age comes. The new ice age is coming, icy sheets from the North and South of Taerel, freezing all in its path. In time, they will both struggle to survive. Will they survive the dark days ahead?