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Fan art: World Lines: Lux Vivendi, an illustration for "Quinntessence, Part Two" in Deref's fan-fiction series Writes of Passage

Personal request about my descriptive page[edit]

I posted this request about the page that describes me in this wiki, on its discussion page.

In reducing the entry for me on this wiki page, I posted the following edit summary: "I do not authorize anything beyond strict description of my activities. I will delete anything else, including an evaluation, that is posted about me." I am entirely serious about this. I neither want nor will accept anything beyond the most minimal, factual description of me on this wiki page, with no evaluations or categorizations of any kind. I am asking that you do me the courtesy of respecting this choice. ~ Steve (Greybird) Reed, 20 April 2007, greybird007 {at} gmail {dot} com

My request above was not followed. I believe that this speaks for itself as to the operation of this wiki, and as to the regard given to the actual human beings who are reported upon here.
With a recognition of the futility of monitoring and removing such changes in a wiki one doesn't visit frequently, I have changed the allusion to my views on fanworks to a more detailed statement that accurately describes my views. - Greybird 22:19, 16 March 2008 (EDT)