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Semi-retired software developer and real estate speculator (translation: will have to get a goddamn job soon)


  • Adding article stubs for Daria's writers and vocal talent.

How to Contact[edit]

  • On AOHell Instant Messenger: scissorsmacgee
  • scissorsmacgillicutty (at)

Why to Contact[edit]

  • If I do something that interferes with someone else's work or pre-established guidelines. I want to be a help, not a hinderance, so if I do anything that messes with the way the Wiki is supposed to look or work, please let me know so I can (a) fix it and (b) do it the right way from then on.
  • If you have a task you want to subcontract. I can't guarantee it'll be done immediately, but I can give an estimate of when it'll be ready.
  • Just to talk. Besides Daria I enjoy old movies (American or foriegn), "classical" music (meaning music in the European art tradition, not just the period of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven), jazz, odd-ball politics, and gossip.